Transfer to/from Ahtopol

Burgas (BOJ) 50€
Varna (VAR) 110€

Ahtopol – city in Bulgaria, situated on the Black Sea coast. Located in the Burgas region, it is part of Tsarevo Municipality. The population is 1425 people. Ahtopol – the most southern Bulgarian town on the Black Sea coast.

Founded by the Greeks from Apollonia (now the city of Sozopol), located 58 km to the north, under the name Avleon Tihos (Gr. Αυλαιον Τειχος). In the Byzantine era called Agatupolis (Gr. Αγαθουπολις). One of the few cities that remained in the hands of the last Byzantine emperor Constantine Paleologos. He moved to the Turks before the siege and fall of Constantinople in 1453. Its modern name derives from the Greek Aktopoli – a coastal town.

Ahtopol is situated on a rocky peninsula on the beach at the foot of the Strandzha Mountain, 14 km south of the town of Tsarevo and 5 km north of the mouth of the Veleka River. It is part of the natural park “Strandja”.