Transfer to/from Burgas (BOJ)

Aheloy 25€
Ahtopol 50€
Albena 75€
Balchik 80€
Bansko 200€
Byala 55€
Chernomorets 30€
Constanta airport (RO) 145€
Elenite 30€
Golden Sands 80€
Kavarna 100€
Kranevo 85€
Lozenets 40€
Nesebar 28€
Obzor 50€
Pomorie 15€
Primorsko 40€
Ravda 28€
Rusalka 100€
Shkorpilovtsi 50€
Sinemorets 50€
Sozopol 35€
St. St. Konstantin and Elena 75€
Sunny Beach 30€
Sveti Vlas 30€
Tsarevo 45€
Varna (VAR) 90€

Discount 10% will be calculated in the CART

Transfer from Burgas Airport (BOJ)– will take you to the required place in a short time.

Transfer is a service for transporting a passenger from an airplane ramp to a hotel. And if, when visiting a city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, like Burgas, you don’t know how you will get with your suitcases to the booked hotel, and if it is also outside the city, then the ideal solution would be to contact our company. Transfer from Burgas Airport, our organization, will take you to the required place in a short time.

From Burgas Airport – Sunny Beach

Among tourists, Sunny Beach is very popular, which is located at a distance of 36 kilometers from Burgas, which greatly complicates the move. Our company will completely solve the issue of your transportation and transportation of things at the same time at a very affordable cost.

Sunny Beach is considered one of the largest and most modern sea resorts. The length of the beach is 10 kilometers, and the width in the central part reaches 100 meters. In addition, the resort is part of the community of Nessebar, the old part of which is a UNESCO site. Thus, a tourist not only enjoys relaxing by the sea, but also explores local attractions. Is it possible to miss the opportunity to visit this territory?

Transfer to Golden Sands

Another resort that can be reached by transfer of our company is the Golden Sands settlement. This is a resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, whose territory is located in a national park.

The distance between Burgas and Golden Sands is 148 kilometers, but when using the services of our company you will finish in a short time and with maximum comfort. The trip takes about 2.5 hours.

It is worthwhile to understand that this place really deserves such a long journey, because here the crystal clear sand, perhaps the cleanest on the entire Black Sea coast. For the sake of such a holiday, residents of numerous European countries come here.

From Burgas Airport to Byala

People who prefer a more relaxing holiday should pay attention to such a Bulgarian resort as Byala. The distance between this city and Burgas is 67 kilometers, which, using the services of our company, can be overcome almost imperceptibly.

This resort is famous for its clean beaches and a wide selection of entertainment.

Transfer Burgas airport to Sozopol

Sozopol is another Bulgarian resort, which annually receives a large number of tourists. Therefore, if you want to visit the Black Sea coasts present here, our company will be happy to help you with this.

The distance between Burgas Airport and Sozopol is 45 kilometers, which you will overcome as soon as possible.

Transfer Burgas – Balchik

Balchik is a city located in the north-east of Bulgaria, characterized by the presence of clean beaches and calm water. The third most important pore in the whole of Bulgaria is located on the territory of the city, where average passenger and cargo ships are received.

The distance from Burgas Airport to Balchik is 172 kilometers, which you can overcome with the help of our company in 3 hours.

Transfer Burgas – Albena

Albena is one of the many resorts in Bulgaria, created for sea tourism. A large number of Russian tourists prefer this place due to the clean sand present here, the calm sea, an excellent level of hospitality and clean air. If you chose this particular resort for your summer vacation, then you simply cannot do without the services of our company.

The distance from Burgas Airport to Albena is 150 kilometers, which you will cover in 2.5 hours.

The advantages of our company

When ordering a “transfer Burgas airport” service in our company, you are guaranteed to receive a number of advantages:

  • – we track your flight and respond to any changes, so you can not worry that no one will be expected to fly to Burgas;
  • – a representative of our company meets you at the airport and helps to bring things to the car;
    passengers with children are offered a special child seat;
  • – if you have a lot of luggage, you don’t have to pay extra for extra equipment;
  • – all cars of our organization are checked for technical serviceability before departure, and for comfortable transportation of passengers, they are equipped with free WI-FI and air conditioning;
  • – every car and all places in it are insured;
  • – all drivers have been driving for at least 5 years;
  • – the indicated cost of transportation is final and will not vary depending on the changes present;

Such a number of advantages makes our company the best carrier of passengers.

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